Apr 20, 2009

Italian yarn

I bought this yarn at my little yarn store in the Everglades. That's where I work...the Everglades. Third alligator on the right. Anyway, I saw this yarn and the first thing that attracted me was the color. It's a beautiful green (though that might not be evident in the picture). Then the funkyness of it with the various textures, blew me away. It's an Italian yarn and pretty much, the Italians make yarn as well as they cook because this stuff is gorgeous.

I immediately thought "decorative scarf" and started to crochet. I tried 3 or 4 different types of stitches and found that straight single crochet was the way to go. I wasn't getting the full "funk" effect with fancy lace like stitches. And yes, I realize I've started another project again.

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