Dec 7, 2009

Christmas tree time!

This year's tree! I finally finished it last night with some help from husband and kids. Every year I gripe about putting it up. Every year I want to get an artificial tree with lights already attached. And every year, I'm glad we got a real tree. This year, I'm not putting out the little village thing. Just the creche. Che made some awesome peanut butter cookies to sustain us through the ordeal.

The tree is really nice this year. Fat and full. Except for one little hollow area. So I put this owl and some air plants in there for a little nest.

I tried to take pics of the mug rugs I'm working on but they're so ugly the camera broke. Not really, but the pics did come out bad so I didn't include them. I want to finish them SOON so I can start on the scarf I want to make.


Celeste said...

Just ran across your blog and enjoying reading through it!


Spinning Out of Control said...

Thank you!

knittingdragonflies said...

Tree looks nice! I love your little owl and his nest!

Spinning Out of Control said...

I'm real happy with the tree this year. Thank you!