Oct 20, 2009

Fabric and fur

It finally cooled down here. Went down to a chilly 58 degrees. I know... people in Buffalo would find that pretty funny, but it has been a brutal summer. Poor BunnyBoop woke up chilled to her little fibers. And she's got a lot of fibers! But even still, she doesn't like the cold. Sam (dog) loves it. The cats just sat on the back porch looking confused. But that's pretty much the way they always look.

I finished the mug rugs for the Weavolution WAL (weave-a-long) this morning. I got 5 rugs out of the warp. I tried 5 different patterns as well. This one is my favorite. This was 7/1 lace I think. Will have to double check. I let the piece rest today and will start finishing them when I get home.

Went yard sale-"ing" this past Saturday. Found these cool fabrics at one place. I've finally started to make strips out of the fabric stash I've got. Not sure how I'll use these, but definately a rag rug. I've been thinking that maybe I'll just go nuts with one and not worry too much about color composition. Just go crazy with colors and see what happens.

Went for a surf on Sunday. The waves were really fun. Was able to get lefts and rights. The water was warm but the air was cold! Stayed out for about an hour, then my ear started to ache a bit so I came in. It was great though. Haven't been on a board in a while. Very grateful for that.

I hope this weather lasts ;)