Nov 28, 2009

Thanksgiving part 2

We have a second Thanksgiving on the Friday after because the girls do Thanksgiving with their dad on the big day. Gerry and I go to my mom's up in Port St. Lucie on Thanksgiving. And that of course was a Davis family holiday, i.e. visiting my brother in rehab etc. Let's not go there. Anyway, part 2 was wonderful. We had a really nice day.

We started out the day with pedicures. That's Bridget with her foot up. Che is doing the pedi. She had to go to work but got home in plenty of time for more turkey.

After Che went to work, Bridget and I went to the store. On route to turkey shopping we thought it would be a good idea to stop at Famous's always a good time to shoe shop. We finally made it to Publix and got all the Thanks 2 food. Here's Bridget chopping fresh herbs for the butter/herb turkey rub.

Here's the finished bird. Bridget did this thing where she lifted the turkey's skin and put the herb/butter mix under the skin. It was heavenly.

And here's the gang enjoying the meal. Bridget worked super hard on this. The poor kid cooked about 5 or 6 turkeys the day before too. Good job Bridg!

I did a little home improvement this weekend too. I "borrowed" this idea from my friend Annette. You take glass blocks and make a little shelf for your window. Annette used a piece of marble for her shelf and I just went the lazy wood route. Bought a nice piece of oak and stained it. I'm using the shelf as a little herb garden.

Nov 24, 2009

Log cabin

I finished the log cabin WAL on Weavolution. My pattern contrast came out a bit more subtle than other projects (click on image). I was also a little concerned about this being too "lacey". But no worries there. I fulled it in some very warm water and it just bloomed. All the little spaces filled in nicely and the selvedge doesn't look too bad. Next time I'd like to try two really different colors, maybe black and lavender.

So this is now an autumn table runner for my oldest daughter. She and her boyfriend are looking for an apartment together so this will be a nice Thanksgiving house warming.

Hope to be starting on some mug rugs soon. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Nov 19, 2009

Bean bags

I've decided to knit a bean bag. According to the book I'm reading, Warping all by Yourself by Cay Garrett, a bean bag comes in handy when sleying your warp. You can weigh down the chain on the breast beam while you sley a few ends through the reed. I know...riveting isn't it? This is an odd color yarn. It was in my stash so I thought what the heck. It's one of those multicolor Red Heart Super Saver yarns, color Earth and Sky.

Got an appointment to see the otalarn...otalyarn...ear doctor up at Shands on Dec. 21. I hope he gives me the treatment option I want. I hope he gives me some encouraging talk. I feel very discouraged today. Have good days and bad days. Yesterday was a good day. No wonky head. Today...not so much.

Nov 10, 2009

Log Cabin weave-a-long

I started a new weave-a-long. It took a lot of effort to get interested. I've been mentally battling a health issue (which is, thank God, not cancer, but a benign tumor on the left acoustic nerve...a little tiny intruder which I hope to kill dead). But I am feeling stronger mentally and spiritually and want to get back to my weaving. As Forest Gump said...that's all I have to say about that.

I chose these two colors because I wasn't really worrying too much about color. I like the colors, don't get me wrong. But what I really needed was some strong yarn that would work with a 7.5 dent heddle. So these were the best candidates, even though they barely work with the 7.5. It has a bit more of a lacy feel than I had planned or wanted so hopefully wet finishing with fix that.

Hopefully this will be a small table runner. The log cabin pattern is a real challenge to my dyslexia. So, I literally warped this in bundles of 8, being careful to keep the DLDL LDLD (Dark, Light) continuum. I was and am a little nervous about starting the actual weaving.

Also, I've decided to get back to knitting which I put by the wayside. I really need to start from ground zero with it too because I just don't feel competent. Have been doing the freestyle knitting and crochet though so my hand is still in it.