Dec 14, 2009

Spinning again and stuff

Here's the loom troll. He's taken over. I had to laugh this morning because I was trying to lift the 1 and 2 shafts and this genius was walking on them, but I didn't see him. I'm sitting there pushing on the treadle thinking "geez...why are these so heavy this morning?" He almost fell into the sectional beam. It would have been like some hideous industrial accident, only funnier.

I've finally started spinning again. I had stopped for a while thinking that maybe I was becoming allergic to bunny fluff and that's why the dizzys. But no. No such luck. So I started again this morning. Head lump aside, the fluff was driving me crazy. I need to get a dust mask. It's just too much.

I got this old book case from the same friend that gave me the jack loom. My daughter was supposed to take it to her new apartment, but her new apartment is too small. Oh darn! Looks like mom will have to take that off your hands. This case was just what I needed for all my "stuff". I had a mish mash of storage units in there and this just cleaned it all up and consolidated the space.

I just started on this scarf yesterday. I really liked the colors but I know the yarn was a poor weaving choice. I have a feeling I'll be repairing lots of broken warps with this. But it is nice yarn. If I can pull it off, it should be a soft scarf for Valentines.

Dec 7, 2009

Christmas tree time!

This year's tree! I finally finished it last night with some help from husband and kids. Every year I gripe about putting it up. Every year I want to get an artificial tree with lights already attached. And every year, I'm glad we got a real tree. This year, I'm not putting out the little village thing. Just the creche. Che made some awesome peanut butter cookies to sustain us through the ordeal.

The tree is really nice this year. Fat and full. Except for one little hollow area. So I put this owl and some air plants in there for a little nest.

I tried to take pics of the mug rugs I'm working on but they're so ugly the camera broke. Not really, but the pics did come out bad so I didn't include them. I want to finish them SOON so I can start on the scarf I want to make.

Dec 5, 2009

Weird day off

I hate when I'm off Friday, have to work Saturday and am off Sunday. Ok...I don't really hate the days off part, it's the Saturday part that stinks.

This Friday off was strange. The day started with taking the car to the mechanic because the mysterious "check engine" light came on again. Gerry and I hung out in Ft. Liquordale, had breakfast, went to Pearls Art store, the thrift store then back for the car. That was nice. Got a little more Christmas shopping done. After this, the day gets icky. We came home to a rock through the back window of Daisy.

You can't really tell from this picture. Took this after Gerry cleaned up all the glass. It was shattered. I think some kids were probably walking past the house throwing rocks at each other and missed. It was a small garden type rock. If someone wanted to do this on purpose, they'd have used a brick or something bigger. I couldn't believe such a small rock did such damage. Anyway $45 later, Gerry got replacement glass and we made a police report.

I just don't want to believe someone would have done this on purpose.

I started the supposed log cabin mug rugs. I hated them. The colors looked awful together and I was sort of disappointed. So, not being one to waste a warp already on the loom, I started playing around with this chunky Lion Brand yarn I've got. I can't even begin to guess how this will come out but what the heck. It looks like crap on the loom, which is why I didn't get too close with the camera.

Decided to take a break from this fiasco and watch the cats. You know I'm bored when I find them more interesting than my weaving.

Here they are both trying to pretend that they're not interested in the yarn I just shook in front of their faces.

And here's Ms. Putty completely over it. She wants to go outside and eat a lizard.

LittleMan got tired of the string too and went to his favorite spot...the big loom. He spends more and more time there now. He's either sleeping on the bench or walking around the back and front beams. He thinks he's Olga Korbet...get it...walks the beams, ya har ya har.

I'm still working on the table runner, or whatever this is going to be, on the big loom. The loom came with the warp, and once again...I hate to waste a warp. So I ended my weaving day on the big loom. Later we went for pizza and the Christmas tree. We're letting the branches relax down and will decorate tonight.

Every weird, icky day should end with some comic relief.