Jan 27, 2010

Four eyes

These are my new $300 specs. Good thing I've got insurance. I decided I'm tired of wearing contacts all the time. But the other reason is my left eye is very barely sort of doing something weird with the contact, and I'm thinking it must be because of the tumor. It's hard because I don't always know what is "because of the tumor" and what isn't. Anyway, I'm getting old and glasses make me look wiser. Ok...older, but who cares.

These are some baby booties I'm working on for a girl at work. I've got too many knitting projects going. Mostly because I'm trying to learn too many things at once. Bought the Debbie Bliss book, How to Knit, and I'm going through it one project at a time. The first one is a little boy's sweater, which I'll probably give to my friend in NC.

Still working on my Mother Bear Project, bear. Poor bear, he's in surgery. His eyeball nerves are dangling and his intestines are all over the place! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!

Sat down to weave this morning before work and there he was. The loom troll. So I shoved him off.

And he tried to stealthily slither back onto the shafts. No I don't see you there hovering over my harnesses you little dope.

And back up he goes. He figures I'll never notice. Unless of course I tried to press down a treadle and it snapped in half under my foot due to his fat butt. Sigh. This is our little battle every morning. But I do love him.

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knittingdragonflies said...

I like you glasses! I'm looking for some new ones. I know I switched from contacts a couple of years ago. My eyes were always so dry.
Keep knitting!