Jun 15, 2010

A beautiful day in the succulent garden

Isn't she lovely! I got this little succulent at Kmart...of course. Well, theres a Kmart down the street from where I work, so I need to get away sometimes at lunch time and well, you can buy stuff there. Lots of stuff.

I put it in with another plant that I got as a gift in a big old planter and both plants just took off like gang busters.

I had put this little Buddha in with the plants when they were little and now they are just swallowing him up!

More garden talk...I was coming back from lunch with Gerry the other day and was going past my favorite nursery. This place is gorgeous! It's a nursery but they have it set up so nice it's like a big botanical garden. Well, I thought I'd stop by. I've been wanting for a while now to get a pink powder puff tree. We had one when I was a kid and they are just beautiful trees. They get very large like a jacaranda and the canopy is umbrella like. But I just haven't seen any in nurseries or anyone's yard or anywhere, so I thought I'd see if they had a jacaranda instead. The guy told me the jacarandas all died in the frost we had last winter. So I thought I was out of luck. Then I saw this little guy with the tell tale leaves and saw it was a powder puff. I was so excited! I didn't think I'd ever find one. Here it is planted. Gerry put extra fencing around it so Miss Puddy won't use it as her personal toilet.

I finished the charcoal ficus drawing. Here it is matted and framed. It's all ready for the display in Nov. with the Natural Art Women's artist co-op.

And still working on the sampler. This is a really good learning experience. I'm having fun with it too.


knittingdragonflies said...

Your photos are nice, wow I love the drawing! Very nice. I like the colors in your sampler.
My neighbor has one of those trees and I always wondered what it was. It is beautiful, I love it when it blooms!

Spinning Out of Control said...

Thanks! I thought these trees were only in Florida, but the guy at the nursery told me he had one in his yard too when he was a kid up in Maryland.

shc-tammie said...

That succulent is gorgeous. Very happy to hear that you are a loyal Kmart customer. Please share it on the mykmart.com community.

clippingimages said...

you have a very interesting page. thanks for sharing

Spinning Out of Control said...

Thank you :)