Nov 15, 2010

Was a happy camper

...when we were up at the Pioneer Day Festival in Barberville, FL. That was a lot of fun. Good music and lots of crafts. I got to meet the resident weaver, Steve. He was really nice. And above is Barbara the spinner, who was totally cool. I want to be her when I grow up. She had some good stories.
These are manatees that live in the spring at Blue Springs S.P. where we camped. See the ity wity babykins poopy doopy doops! Isn't he cute! He was so tiny (compared to all the others). It was chilly at night up there, but this time I did not freeze to death. Gerry took me to the HD and we got a lovely little space heater for the camper. That made all the difference.

This is the stash rug I was working on a while back. I'm not loving this at all. I was hoping for a more sporadic color combination and more knobby-ness, if that's even a word. Che liked it a lot, however, so I gave it to her. I'm going to weave a mat (smallish rug) next on the rigid heddle. I've got this white, bulky 3 ply wool that I have a ton of. It's like on an industrial size cone or something. I inherited it along with Kessy. I got some wine and tangerine Rit dye so I'll see what kind of damage I can do with this wool and dye.

This I am happy with! The colors came out just great. I love card weaving. This is from a pattern, but you can really go coo-coo with card weaving and come up with your own ideas. It's just a matter of how you turn the cards. Oooo that sounds very metaphorical, doesn't it?


knittingdragonflies said...

Love the photos! The spinning photo is nice!
The manatees are cute! I've never seen a small one, it has been years since we visited that area!
I really like the rag rug, the pop of red makes it lively and the bright fringe looks good! I think the color combo is nice!
I am really in love with your card weaving! The pattern is great! I'm going to have to check that out!

Delighted Hands said...

It sure was a cold weekend there, wasn't it?! I met some very nice ladies on Saturday. The manatees are beautiful! What don't you like about the rug-it turned out very nicely!

Terry said...

Sounds like the fair was fun.
I like both your weavings. Where do you tie the tablet weaving to work on. Back strap is a bit hard on the back.

Good luck with the dying


Sounds like you met some really fun people and had a great time. I lurve the cardweaving band, I need some quality time with my inkle soon.