Dec 1, 2010

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a wonderful gobble gobble. I sure gobbled...up everything in sight! My little stomach organ itself felt like it was going to burst. It was pretty disgusting, really.

This is that little rug I was working on at the rigid heddle. It came out pretty good. I used a bulky wool that I dyed this yummy red and threw some little color stripes in here and there. The color stripes are left over Lion Brand Landscapes. Then I tried to felt it a bit and puff the wool up to make it thicker and that was it.

I was thinking about putting it in front of the bathroom sink but I liked the way it looked on this stool better.

Check this out....this is so cool! I tried the whole tying the warp to a belt around your waist, etc. and my back just wanted none of it. So I started looking at websites looking for a card weaving loom and found this really helpful video about using your rigid heddle loom. I set mine up like this,... not exactly like the video but I have a different loom. It works great! No more back aches.

As the belt weaves, I wrap it over the breast beam and clamp it with these little clamps that I got from Home Depot. You just keep advancing as you go along. It's the bomb!
The rug on the 8 shaft is going very slow, but going. I screwed up on the sleying. Don't ask. However, it just means that the rug will take a while to finish and eat up a huge amount of costly 3 ply wool ... no big deal. No, not at all.