Jan 25, 2012

Creepy...very creepy

I am on Weavolution. It is a weaving forum like any other social online site except that people exchange weaving ideas, projects etc. That's "weaving", or so I thought. Apparently there is someone on the site who is confused as to what the purpose of the forum is and thinks it's a dating site. I got a rather strange email from a woman (yes, I said woman...not that there's anything wrong with that, lol!) who believes she and I can "make it together" ... her words. You can't get into her profile, you have to be authorized, which is strange for that site because everyone is there to share ideas and such. I saw that they were having problems with the spam settings so I sent them an email to let them know. Weird.

I was off for a week, so I had the chance to finish my mom's rug. I threw orange in the top and bottom and now I'm not sure I'm happy with those color decisions, but it is what it is. I was in Amish country when I was getting the idea for this design, so thus the purples and oranges, etc. I learned from this rug that the Stitch Nation Full o' Sheep yarn, though lovely and easy to dye, is too lofty for a rug. It just didn't beat down tight enough, and I gave it a major beat down. I'll post a pic when it's hemmed and wet finished. Still plenty of warp on the loom so I'm thinking of a krokbragd table runner. I have a nice 3 ply wool yarn that I got from the Mannings. That should work well.

Spinning is coming along better. I'm now using the short draw method because I feel like I have a tendency to overspin. Short draw seems to work better for me. Plus I was thinking short draw would work better on the churro fleece I ordered from the Woolery. And of course spinning just wouldn't be the same without cats laying about.

Say good bye Mr. Squirrel!


Valerie said...

I really like the orange borders on the rug...they sort of anchor the piece. Nice work!!

Spinning Out of Control said...

Thank you :) The orange is starting to grow on me.

Delighted Hands said...

The rug is fantastic! Very nice work!

Glad you are enjoying the spinning-it takes a lifetime to try all the variations-savor it! The cats help!

Sorry for the spamming-

Spinning Out of Control said...

Thank you :)

bspinner said...

Love your rug. Living in Amish country I think the colors are great.

Strange about the spam on Weavolution. Bet that took you by suprise!