Jan 2, 2012

The fun ends tomorrow...

... and I go back to work. What a drag. Oh well, I haven't won lotto yet, so what ya gonna do?

But on the plus side, I've been dyeing wool all morning. What fun! I love dyeing. Love to see the way the colors come out. Love the way the wool sucks up all the dye. Love the process of measuring and stirring. It's like being a mad scientist bwa ha ha ha!!!!

I use a tutorial I found on the web from Wind Rose Fiber Studio. These colors are Jacquard Acid dye, Chestnut and Burnt Orange. They kind of look like pig's intestines hanging there... not like I festoon my backyard with pig innerds or anything.

The spinning is coming along better. This is still the second bobbin. I still need to learn about little things like too much twist or how to advance the yarn while spinning on the bobbin ... stuff like that. I didn't have to worry about that with the drop spindle.

Pulled the old sewing machine out yesterday to hem pants. Why do all pants seem to be made for women whose legs start at their necks? Anyway, I'm starting on the COE (I must be mad) and one of the instructions for the final judging is not to use any machine sewing in your work. Everything has to be hand sewn. Well, there's no danger of that with me because I hate sewing machines! And they hate me. It took so long to hem 3 pairs of pants, it's dumb. The thread kept breaking or the stitches seized up or this or that....aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! How is it that I can dress an 8 harness loom, but just seeing a sewing machine makes me want to curl up in a fetal position under my loom bench?! I feel like such a shlemiel.


Delighted Hands said...

Fun stuff going on-the new fibers will be a joy to spin! Glad you are enjoying the new wheel. As for sewing, you need a good sewing machine cleaning-I have only met one machine that needed the dump, the rest just needed some love!

Spinning Out of Control said...

I know you're right. I just need to chill out and sew more. Practice!