Feb 21, 2012

Took a little trip

The mighty St. Johns River. Ok, it's not that "mighty", but it is pretty. Jerry and I decided to take a little trip up north to look around and get away for a bit.

We stayed at a marine resort along the river. Sounds fancier than it really was. It had a very old Florida feel and was really nice. This is the view from our room. The name of the resort is Hontoon Landing. It reminded me of the little places we'd stay when I was a kid travelling around Florida with my folks.

We rented a pontoon boat for the day. They are surprisingly easy to captain...a four year old child could do it ... so I tried to find a four year old child, because I sure didn't know what I was doing...

On to studio stuff, I've started plying my first skein. I learned so far that I have a tendency to underspin so I'll have to watch that. I do love spinning! I spin just about every morning and it really relaxes me before I have to go off to the mad house.

Work on the crochet rag rug is coming along nicely. I like the way the colors are behaving.

This little guy here is going to be a Mother Bear pal for a child in Africa. He's been sitting on the needles for a while because I lost the pattern. A week ago I sent for a new knitting pattern and a crochet pattern for my daughter so she could make one. Of course the day after I got the new patterns, I found the old one. Sigh.


Delighted Hands said...

Glad you had a nice getaway time-you are doing great on your spinning-very nice looking yarn.

Judy said...

Nice yarn that you're spinning. I need to get my wheel out and start spinning again. Your time on the water looks like a lot of fun.